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Frequently Asked Questions about our Youth and Veterans Ranch

How did Glory Reins Ranch get started? 

As Kevin neared the end of his military career as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army, he and Robin prayed that God would guide them and provide them a vision for “life after the Army.”  During his career in the Army, Kevin spent a considerable amount of time away from his family.  In addition to the routine training events that have a Soldier “in the field” for weeks or months, he served a one year unaccompanied tour in the Republic of Korea, deployed for Operation Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and from 2006 to 2007.  As they prayed, God revealed that He wanted them to spend time together as a family and to work as a family to bring honor and glory to Him.

With this in mind, God led Kevin and Robin to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch (CPYR).  CPYR has been featured on Focus on the Family and has received other National recognition through books Kim Meeder published (Hope Rising and A Bridge Called Hope).  CPYR rescues horses and reaches hurting children with the love of Christ.  Kevin and Robin realized God wanted them to develop a ministry similar to CPYR to reach Veterans as well as children that would allow their entire family to participate in operating the ministry.  So, the idea of Glory Reins Ranch was birthed.

How can a veteran or child become a participant?

Contact the ranch at 434.392.2005 to schedule an appointment or complete our contact form.

Can I send my child to the ranch?

The absolute BEST environment for children to grow is within a healthy family.  We hope the atmosphere at GRR, a place to rest in the shade and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, will nurture healthy relationships between parents and children.  So, we ask that parents accompany their child(ren) to the ranch.

The ranch is not a residential facility. Out of town guests must coordinate their own lodging. Schedule your session at Glory Reins Ranch first, then coordinate for accommodations with one of the fine hotels in Farmville, Virginia.

What kind of people does GRR serve?

Glory Reins Ranch serves children between the ages of 5 and 18 and veterans of all ages who have faced trauma (physical or emotional), neglect or abuse.

What do you charge for a veteran or child to attend the program at GRR?

There is no charge for participation in the program, but is graciously paid for by the donations of friends of this ministry.

Can we visit the ranch?

We would love to have you out to the ranch, even if it is just for a visit. We are open to the public by appointment only. Please feel free to call our office at 434.392.2005 or fill in the contact form to schedule a visit.

Also, we welcome you all to join us for Round Up and other events. Please check the website's home page or call to find out about scheduled events.

Does the ranch ever close?

GRR maintains normal business hours through the year. However the daily riding program is not offered during the months of November to March.

Is GRR a residential facility?

No, GRR is a day-use facility only. This means folks are welcome to visit during the day but are not housed overnight.

Can visiting families or groups be hosted overnight on the GRR facility grounds?

No, we are not able to host overnight guests, families, volunteer groups or participants.  Visitors are encouraged to coordinate for overnight accommodations in the town of Farmville, Virginia or the local historic area.

Do you know of a program like yours in my area?

Glory Reins Ranch is modeled after Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch located in Bend, Oregon.  CPYR maintains a list of similar programs on their website.

Is Glory Reins Ranch a religious organization?

The ranch is not associated with any particular religious denomination. However, GRR is a faith-based organization.  The Founders and Board of Directors believe in the God of the Bible and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ, and our goal is to bring honor and glory to Him by demonstrating His unconditional love to everyone who visits Glory Reins Ranch.  Our Faith on the ranch is "lived," not "preached."  Because God loves EVERYONE, it is our privilege to serve children, veterans and families of all backgrounds.

How may we pray for you?

The greatest gift that anyone can give us is to pray for us. We have seen God answer our prayers in many wonderful, miraculous ways. The ranch facilities, the veterans and children who visit us, and our horses are in constant need of protection, wisdom, and direction. If you have made it a commitment to pray for us, you truly are giving us one of the best gifts you can give.

Our financial needs

Participants and visitors come to our ranch and participate free of charge. However, running the facility is expensive. We greatly appreciate all cash donations that we receive, because it allows us to continue to offer our ministry to participants free of charge.

How do I donate?

There are a number of ways to donate to the ranch:

Via Check or Money Order
You can make donations payable to Glory Reins Ranch, and send them to 1587 Plank Road, Farmville, Va 23901. If you are from the area, you may also want to drop donations by our office.

To donate specific items
Please call us to find out what is on our current wish list. To donate your time, call so we can coordinate working you into our program. 

If I make a donation, where does it go?

Unless otherwise designated by the giver, all monetary donations go into the general operating fund. These funds are used to pay for program expenses, ranch maintenance, and horse care.

Are donations Tax-deductible?

Yes, Glory Reins Ranch is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organization and we can supply tax receipts for all donations that include but are not limited to: monetary donations, horse tack, ranch equipment, feed, land, building supplies, horses, etc.

Can I donate my tack and/or horse equipment?

Please contact us to find out what tack and horse equipment we are in need of at this time. You are welcome to ship the tack or drop it off at our ranch during normal business hours. Please note that if we are unable to use the tack that is donated, we will either find a good home for it or sell it to use the funds for needs here at the ranch.

Can I donate my horse to the ranch?

Because horses must be gentle and willing to accept children and veterans that are inexperienced in horsemanship skills, we are very selective on the types of horses we can accept at the ranch. Please contact us if you would like to donate your horse or know of one that you believe would be a good fit for our ranch.

How many horses does the ranch have?

GRR currently has 14 horses.

Can you tell me about employment opportunities at Glory Reins?

Glory Reins Ranch does not (yet) have any paid positions.  Everything we do is done voluntarily.  As God grows Glory Reins Ranch, we hope to one day have paid positions.  Until then, you are welcome to volunteer with us.

Who needs a completed release form to be on ranch grounds?

Everyone! All who participate in the program and everyone who accompanies them must sign a current release form upon arrival. Release forms must be renewed at the start of each year. Our insurance requires that anyone who does not have a current release form cannot be involved with any of our programs and activities here at the ranch.

Do I need to stay on the property during my child’s session?

Yes. Though parents are free to enjoy the ranch atmosphere and do not directly participate in their child’s session, we require that parents stay on the property during their child’s session.

What should my child wear to lessons?

Our season opens in April and runs until mid-October. So we’ll face a variety of weather conditions.  We recommend paying close attention to the clothes your child wears to his/her session. Layers are a good idea during the cooler times of year and covering up to prevent sunburn is a must during the heat of the summer.  Whatever you wear, be prepared for your clothes to GET DIRTY!!!  Ranch work is dirty work!

Required Attire:

Long Pants

Sturdy shoes with closed toes and closed heels or riding boots




Here are a few additional suggestions for HOT weather:

Shorts sleeves (no spaghetti straps)

Hat (for sun protection – we supply helmets)




Here are a few additional suggestions for COLD weather:

Several layers of clothes

Warm Coat


Knit Cap

Warm socks

Canister of a warm drink

Can my children’s friends come to watch and play at the ranch while my child rides?

Your children's friends are welcome to come to the ranch. However, they MUST have a release form signed by their legal guardian before they will be allowed to be involved in any of the activities going on at the ranch. Please be considerate of the children that are participating in the program at the time by not allowing a visiting child to interrupt the staff member's time with those who are apart of the program. You are ultimately responsible for all children that you bring to the ranch.

Do you offer any additional meetings for families outside of your horsemanship program?

Yes! We schedule Roundup times and fellowship gatherings on a regular basis. If you would like more information on any of these upcoming events, please talk to one of our staff members, call us, or check out our home page for a list of events.